1 If there is [a] one, (see full description)

2 This layer folds over, here:

A. 2 tokens for ♪dumb luck

B. some Contorted Branches; rumoured a new way to lounge (buck on transparency and u are lifted from strain); this one folds nowhere

C. Numbers shown are 2, 2, 4, 6, 1;
2 = mother, sensual, jealous.
4 = laborer, dedicated, unremarkable.
6 = caretaker, harmonious, Münchausen.
1 = warrior, driven, aggressive.

Full Description:
? Quiet, treeless afternoon on a slippery slope. Definitely quite treeless because out there lay a hollow glass ball with petite glittery appliques all over it. On the slope. Not on a tree. When approached, it relaxed behind something and eluded sight. How weird. Who is that something, or is it just a quantum cloud. A qu[a]rky quantum cloud.
Beats [me] n [I’m] beat. What’s this~

Also not on a tree. Not an appetite in sight.

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